Work it. Log it. Track it. Make sure you get what you're owed!

TDY Tracker

Going TDY should be fun- let us take some of the worry off your shoulders. Just enter the dates and the location to see perdiem and lodging rates.

TDY Expense Tracker

Log your expenses as you go and grab a picture of the receipt. When you get back you can export the itemized activity as a single PDF with all of the receipts for DTS.

Export Activity

Don't forget those tax deductions! Total days worked, special pay status, vehicle mileage and non-reimbursed expenses. It all adds up, track it as you go with MilPay Tracker, and export a spreadsheet with the year-end-totals.


See your guard and reserve duty, total days TDY bropken down by quarter. The app even calculates your YTD total reserve earnings.

Log UTAs/RUTAs quick n' easy

Log your pay days quickly and conveniently. Then cross them off as DFAS pays you. Make sure you get credit for every day you work, and keep track of your tax deductible expenses along the way.


If you're on flight status you get 48 AFTPs a year- and if you're not you probably qualify for training periods. Make sure you use them all by tracking them as you go!

AT/ST Days

Getting orders for a few weeks? No sweat. Just enter the start and end dates and let the app know if the boss is picking up your room and mileage. If they don't you can deduct your out-of-pocket expenses!


Base pay tables, BAH rates, perdiem and lodging for the entire world- all in one place.

We've got you covered

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or DoD Civilian. The MilPay Tracker app customizes itself to your service, rank, time in grade and duty status. Flight pay? You bet. AFTPs? Sure thing. Log your duty in as few as two touches and get on with life. When the LES comes through you can cross off outstanding pay items in as few as two touches.

The Only Pay App You Will Ever Need

BY guard bums, FOR guard bums... and everyone else too


No personally identifiable data, no server talkback, no worries. We know that your privacy and security are more important today than ever before. The MilPay Tracker app stores all data on your own devices and will NEVER ask for your name, SSN, DOB, or Unit- so rest easy.


Going TDY for a few weeks should be fun, not a headache. With the TDY planner and Expense Tracker on the MilPay Tracker App, you can log and track all of your expenses while TDY. When the mission is complete, email yourself an itemized report with all receipts in a single document. We can't eliminate DTS, but we can make filing your voucher easier.


Did you know that you can deduct mileage and expenses related to national guard and reserve duty? Let the MilPay Tracker App track all of your guard and reserve pay, deductible mileage and expenses. At the end of the year export a detailed report and get your tax return right.

The work our servicemen and women are called to do is difficult. Tracking their duty status and outstanding pay items shouldn't be.

Brian Scott
Traditional Guardsman

As a traditional guardsman, it's tough to keep track of how many UTAs and AFTPs I've been through. This app makes life much easier!

Travis Glick
Active Guard/Reserve

I go TDY 100 days a year, and there is nothing worse than the line at the scanner with all of my receipts. With one-touch I can create a single .pdf with all of my expenses and receipts in it. This app makes DTS SO MUCH easier, I can't live without it.

Austin Miller
Active Duty Air Force

TDY tracker with expense tracker makes accounting for all of my expenses simple. Even though DTS is awful, the itemized report and receipt capture functionality in the app make life easy!

Jack Fincher
US Army

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