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MilPay Tracker App

1/15/2016 - (iOS) 2016 Pay Table updated and BAH crash issue fixed. Happy New Year!

HOW DO I LOG ITEMS AS PAID (Android) - When you select "LOG PAYMENT" from the main menu, the sub menu defaults to the "ALL" Tab. In the current version, you cannot set as paid from this tab. At the bottom, select the individual event tab (e.g. UTA, AFTP etc.) and click the item you wish to set as paid. This will be fixed in the next release.

10/14 - An update with the FY2016 perdiem tables is currently available for iOS and Android.

WHAT DOES THE ICON BADGE INDICATE? The badge shows you how many items you have logged that are currently unpaid. As soon as you set them as paid they disappear. This helps you see how many items you have unpaid without having to access the app.

WHAT IS TAX-DEDUCTIBLE MILEAGE? While we are not allowed to give legal or tax advice... guardsmen and reservists can claim expenses and mileage incurred during the course of their duty. But you have to keep a detailed record! The app allows you to track these expenses as you go, then export a detailed spreadsheet at the end of the year. Do it yourself or, we recommend you seek the advice of a pro. But definitely get what you are entitled to!

DO I HAVE TO PUT IN MY PERSONAL INFORMAION? - NO, never. Putting in your rank and time in service is for advanced functionality only. Whatever you do put in will stay on your device only. And, we'll NEVER ask for your name, SSN, DOB etc.

HOW DO I SET ITEMS AS PAID (iOS) - Go to the "Log Payment" menu which defaults to the "all" list. unpaid items default to the top. Swipe the red "PAID" to the left and select "SET AS PAID."

HOW DO I DELETE EVENTS? Select "Edit/Delete" events from the main menu. Find the event you wish to delete and swipe left over it- select "Delete"

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